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Dominican Replublic Mission Trip 2017

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Over 1,300 lives impacted at 16 remote medical clinics in the Dominican Republic.


This was Jeff's second time to visit and minister in the Dominican Republic. Much like the trip in 2016, this trip included a group of 20-plus people conducting 16 medical clinics in 14 different locations in the central and western parts of the D.R., over two weeks. Our group was made up of medical students from three universities in the U.S., a couple of local doctors, missionaries from the U.S., and several host church members. There were over 1,300 local residents who received medical aid during the clinics. The clinics were held mostly at churches throughout the area.


Each patient received attention from the medical students and doctors. There were a few minor surgeries performed; including, ingrown toenails and a cyst behind an ear. Each patient received appropriate medication and vitamins. After receiving treatment, a group of local pastors and congregants prayed for each patient before they left the clinic. It was amazing to see how God worked through the medical staff to touch the lives of so many people.


As in the past, Jeff was given the opportunity to minister in music on his trumpet at a couple of different churches in the area. Alex Miranda shared his testimony of how he founded "Jose's Hands Medical Missions." Several of the medical students were willing to share their testimonies at the services, and this really touched the people of those congregations.  

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